Tolkien and Lewis

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Kirill Leonov
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Post by Kirill Leonov » Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:51 am

I haven't read all of the Narnia books, as I said, but my younger sister did, and Susan was her favourite, so this upset her greatly. I remember she went to my parents to complain about what happened, and my mother, who knew that there was an underlying Christian morality, said that this was actually what Martin Luther had tried to get out of people's minds, because it just is not in the New Testament like that: the perception of God as someone who will not forgive but condemns forever. So yes, I agree with you, Lewis totally messed up there.

(Though perhaps I should add that while on the paper it says that I'm a Lutheran Protestant, I never was brought up in a religious way, and I've always considered basic knowledge about religion part of general education and not what I would actually believe in, so don't expect me to bother with theological finesses. :))
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Re: Tolkien and Lewis

Post by MICHKA » Wed Nov 16, 2011 7:50 pm

j'aimerais donner mon avis sur les contes portés à l'écran de Lewis, c'est-à-dire :''Narnia'',1,2,3;je trouve que ce sont des histoires qui peuvent plaire aux enfants, mais moins aux adultes à cause d'un manque de profondeur; je m'explique: il y a beaucoup de personnages très fantaisistes, invraisemblables(des animaux qui parlent et agissent comme des humains)des créatures mythiques sans pouvoir, un fil conducteur incertain , des situations un peu naïves, des héros involontaires pris dans un tourbillon alléchant par moments et dangereux à d'autres mais qui ne touchent pas le coeur, l'âme, comme Tolkien a su le faire en nous entraînant dans l'aventure quasi réelle de sa mythologie, en nous faisant palpiter , ce que je n'ai pas éprouvé avec les films .D'ailleurs un autre roman de ce genre a essayé de convaincre également: ''La boussole d'or'', sans succès. Je crois qu'il est très difficile de succéder à un écrivain talentueux comme Tolkien, c'est mon point de vue
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Re: Tolkien and Lewis

Post by Merry » Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:27 pm

I think Tolkien agreed with much of your assessment of CSL's work. Whenever people ask me to compare them, I tell them that reading 'Narnia' once was good enough, where reading LOTR twenty times just scratches the surface!
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