What is your Elvish, Hobbit, Dwarf or Wizard name?

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Post by Merry » Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:50 am

Sing and be glad, all ye children of the West,
for your King shall come again,
and he shall dwell among you
all the days of your life.

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Post by shieldmaiden » Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:51 pm

Cool link. I tried both my avatar and real names and got some interesting ones. I pefer the ones under my real name for obvious reasons :D .

Avatar (shieldmaiden)

Human - Ibing the Self-Cursed
Elven - Forfiwen Aranwion
Dwarvish - Della the Deathless
Wizard - Curumo, Flame of Udun
Hobbit - Ysealonna "Headstrong" Longholes of Fair Down.

First Name Only:

Human: Jerigodia Isildur
Elven - Elvithrarith Hidden Queen
Dwarvish - Cengwen, Queen of the Glittering Caves
Wizard - Annatar, Lady of the Stars
Hobbit - Nicla Maggot, Ring-finder

Full Name:

Human: Adroidia of the Followers
Elven: Earithradith of the House of the Golden Flower
Dwarvish: Caengwen the Simple
Wizard: Alatar, Durin's Bane
Hobbit : Muniver "The Magnificent" Norther of Nobottle

Obviously, I have far too much time on my hands :twisted:
“…..suddenly above him far and faint his song was taken up, and a voice answering called to him. Maedhros it was that sang amid his torment.” The Silmarillion, Chapter 13: Of the Return of the Noldor

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